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time for selfSource Field Therapy

Recognize and eliminate the past, negative beliefs and make positive changes for the future.

This heart-focused technique brings changes to all areas of your life by awakening your true authentic Self. It is a therapy to which you embark on a journey from the head to the heart. When this journey is activated, you experience yourself as “source” — resulting in not only lifting yourself into a higher consciousness, you are also giving others permission to do the same on a collective level.

When we exist in a place of challenge, with all our limiting beliefs attached to that challenge, it gives a clear picture of why things haven’t changed. Through Source Field Therapy, you are able to connect to the feeling associated with that challenge, as well as the surrounding limiting beliefs. Once tapped into, you can actively allow authentic truth to awaken within you, and receive understanding, wisdom, and insight into the challenge. This realigning of who your true authentic self is dissolves the challenge, the negative feelings, and the limiting beliefs, replacing them with empowering thoughts and feeling of who you truly are on a body, mind, and spiritual plane.


60 minute session — $90

*(available in person over the phone or Skype)