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TIME FOR SELFPersonal Transformation Life Coaching

If you have fear or resistance with success in any or every part of your life, Heather assists you in breaking those barriers through a variety techniques inclusive of life coaching and hypnotherapy as well as through intuitive and psychic skills. This powerful process offers you guidance to move forward with confidence, thus allowing you to live life fully.

This combination of techniques may also assist in dealing with the inner critic, self-image, past traumas, phobias, memories of the past, fear of the future, and other related issues that are stopping you from moving forward.

These techniques gently, easily and effortlessly shift the way you look at your present situation. Through awareness, you can reverse the negative effects and start to improve your life in a positive way.


Initial session – 2 1/2 – 3 hour session and 3 follow up calls — $175

Follow-up session – 1 hour — $90

*(available in person over the phone or Skype)


Combination Package:

Explore how you can receive more in-depth results through a combination of Time For Self therapies — ENTER HERE