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Time For Self June 2022

 5 Things I’m Revisiting About Acceptance

I have been working through the gift of acceptance these last almost five months.  My fractured knee cap and all the rehab is like a full time job.  The reminders every min of the day the comparison of my two……

Time for Self February 2021


As I have sat in this gooey energy of life for almost 1 year, I sometimes have a visual of what a caterpillar must go……

Time For Self November 2020

What Do I vote, support, or stand for regarding my wellness?


Just as there is a lot of ups and downs of who you support with different political parties and what they are for, there’s even a greater decision we now have to vote, support, or stand for……

Time For Self Newsletter March 2018

The Greatest Obstacle To Happiness
And How To Overcome It

Beyond Positive Thinking by Dr. Robert Anthony


Our life is about a string of moments in time.  So often we stand in our unhappiness trying to improve a future moment.  The problem is……

Time For Self Newsletter January 2018

Inspired Quotes for 2018

New beginnings are magical and with 2018 arriving, it’s time to start getting inspired for the year.

New Year’s resolutions can make some people feel depressed, unnecessarily stresssed out, or disappointed in themselves.  While we aren’t opposed to resolutions or self-improvement, sometimes it feels……

Time For Self Newsletter May 2017

Freedom In Your Life by Slowing Down Time

We track conventional time on our watches.  It helps us have a common language and convention around how and when to assemble.  The definition of time controls airports, schools, workplaces.  It works and is a wonderful tool we have……