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Time For Self August 2022

What Is My Truth ….. Authentic Self Made Visible


To live in your truth simply means to live as your most authentic self, things that bring you happiness and joy each day.

For many, to live in their truth, especially now is challenging and only a dream to……

Time For Self September 2020

Break Down, Break Up and Break Through


In the past,  September was about getting settled in for the fall, school, groups, and courses.  The only problem, this September is how do we settle in when the external world isn’t settled.  I could even say by the……

Time For Self newsletter July 2019


A Great Place To Live From


I was just listening to Matt Kahn on You Tube about, “The will of my heart is to be Open”.  Wow, listening to that presentation is a reminder, confirmation and awareness of when it is, when it is not and how to……