Emotional health and resilience skills are very important right here right now.

Over the past year which feels like 10 years, we humans need to refuel and heal and find hope in what is being force on humanity.

Here are some  thoughts on where we are and and fuel to reignite you.

1.  Our brains hate uncertainty.

Uncertainty is the hardest thing for the human brain to handle.  The main job of the brain is to protect us from danger and uncertainty, so make doing that job really hard.    If we let it, our brain will cause us so much stress and make up many negative and dramatic stories about the future in its efforts to find some certainty with uncertainty.


2.  Your mindset about a challenge determines how much you struggle.

Challenges are external, but how much you struggle is determined by how you view a challenge and relationship with your thoughts and emotion.  Instead of thoughts of this challenge sucks, is unfair, look for ways you can support yourself and people you care about.

3.  Self-care is not a luxury.  It’s your responsibility.

Fueling your emotional, mental, and physical energy is self-care.  You can’t give what you don’t have.  Pandemics remind individuals how important self-care is and by treating self-care as part of work, not something separate from it.

4.  Witnessing the pain of others is so much harder than our own.

There is so much empathy and compassion in the human heart!   Much of the time our struggles are with watching people we love struggle, with hurt, loss and don’t know how to help them.

5.  As human being, we want to do more than just survive through tough times.

Research shows that the most resilient people search sense of purpose beyond just making it through, gives strength to keep going.  Helping others and to learn and grow in new and meaningful ways is focusing more on the thriving during times like now.

6.  Gratitude is the best corrective lens for the negativity bias in our brains.

There are many things that have been and continue to be wrong, negative, scary and frustrating and the negativity bias in our brains means that it’s really easily to over-focus on them.  Practicing gratitude is the most powerful, simple yet profound way to counter this tendency of the brain and not to lose touch with what’s OK, good, kind, beautiful even amidst the toughest challenges.   Start a gratitude practice on what brings joy.

7.  Sharing your struggles is an act of kindness.

When your open up about your struggles, you give others permission to share theirs and that vulnerable honesty creates the most meaningful genuine human connections.  We all fear how others will react to our vulnerability but seeing people of different backgrounds, titles open up about their struggles especially right here, right not shows that our fears are unjustified.  We are not alone in our struggles and challenges.

8.  The human spirit is generous, kind, and strong.

Generosity, warmth, and kindness does shine through if you closely, especially at rallies, events, bringing people together for one or many causes of uniting humanity with the same goals, dreams for them and their family.   Freedom with hopefully not take the back seat ever again.



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Human Spirit Quotes

The human body has limitations.  The human spirit is boundless.   – Dan Karnazes –

Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.  -Bernard Williams –

The human spirit is stronger than any government or institution.  – Fela Kuti –

Survival is not so much about the body, but rather it is about the triumph of the human spirit.  – Danitra Vance –

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.

“The human spirit was the strongest medicine on earth.  And sometimes all it needed was a little encouragement to pull off a miracle.”

The human spirit lives on creativity and dies in conformity and routine.

Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.  – Edward Abbey –

I think it’s the human spirit inside of all of us that has an enormous capacity to survive
-Amanda Lindhout –
The human spirit must prevail over technology.  – Albert Einstein –



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