TIME FOR SELFHolistic Home – The Mind and Clutter: Feng Shui For Mind, Body, Spirit, Space by Laura Benko

Mind clutter is negative thoughts, scattered thinking, self-doubts, cynicism, indecisiveness, procrastination, worry, and fear-based thinking. You can de-clutter your mind by having a clear focus of your daily goals, specific intentions, and a sense of inner strength. Think of all the clarity that you’ll have with your decision-making and how your creativity, intuition, or focus will thrive without the mental chaos that is an inevitable part of your busy life. Meditation, mantras, mental exercises, prayer, and a positive, new shift in perspective are your tools to make it happen.

For example, mantra helps to focus your mind when it is scattered and help to dispel negative thoughts. You might have a personal mantra or use can use one of these.

— Today I am calm, assured, confident, and flowing with certainty.

— I am taking into my life only what is absolutely needed.

— I am productive, resourceful, and wise in all tasks, choices, and statements I make.

— Today I will focus on seeing the positive, feeling the gratitude, and being at peace.

Say it to yourself nine times as you prepare for your day.

TIME FOR SELFGo From Negative to Get to the Positive

A holistic mind means attracting the positive. Believe it or not, you can get there by visiting your dark side. By acknowledging the issue you want to change while holding the intention for constructive growth, you are in a state of progress, which is positive energy. Stagnant,stuck energy is the clutter of your soul. Forward movement whether it is the act of cleaning out a junk drawer or saying a mantra for personal development, is all positive energy. Positive energy own up to the negative and uses it as a tool to move forward. Positive energy begets itself. If you are emanating positivity, it will shine back on you. People who radiate negative will be repelled from you.

Another way to utilize your dark side for all it’s worth is to visit it quickly now and then to either realize how far you have come or how lucky you are. Use it as a reality check, and it will also increase compassion or gratitude in your life. When you are in the midst of hardship, try to visit an even darker place of a scenario that could be much worse. This concept may be counter intuitive at first, but it can be a strong power-shifter while in a bad place. Sit with that feeling for a few minutes. Then, feel the gratitude in knowing that is not your situation. allow your focus to be on visualizing a shining, healthy, ideal outcome. Remain steady with your vision, and remember not to get stuck in the dark – you are only dropping in for a quick visit to get your bearing and move on. Don’t let mental clutter – the doubting, sabotaging, cynical chatter – get in the way.

TIME FOR SELFLiving in the Now

Clutter creates stagnant energy. When you are stagnant, there is little growth happening, and you will tend to either live in the past and feel sad or live in the future and feel anxious. By clearing the clutter – internally and externally – you are allowing yourself to live holistically in the now. When yo have mental clutter, you are preoccupied with negative chatter, lists, doubt, distractions, and worries that are prohibiting you from being in the moment. When you have physical clutter, you can easily feel overwhelmed, exhausted, defeated, unproductive, and out of control. When you have spiritual clutter, you can subconsciously feel weighted down, irrational, emotional, and unstable. all of these negative feelings imprison you in a clutter rut, which keeps you stuck in either the past or future. You cannot fully live and enjoy life in the moment when you have mental, physical, and spiritual clutter within you and around you.

TIME FOR SELFDealing with Nostalgia

When you surround yourself with items from the past, it’s easy to live in the past. Living in homes that where not even a single place mat was changed over the last thirty years, occupants views on life seemed just as dusty and antiquated as their thirty-year old place mats. Are you keeping items because they were bequeathed to you, and you feel a sense of obligation? Are you holding on to that ugly frame that you secretly hate but can’t bear to throw out because it was a gift? Give it away to someone you think might enjoy it. Give it to charity. Get it out of your home. Donate unwanted gifts to chinese auctions and has great satisfaction knowing that someone will get an item they actually want.

It’s okay to have some mementos, as long as you carefully and honestly examine the origin of association attached to it. One way to begin to get some control with over-acquiring is when you first see an object, to be aware of what goes through your mind. See each item as one of two things: either it lifts your energy or it depletes it. If you feel neutral to items such as pots or pans, they nourish you, so uplifts. You can also look at items that either gives you feelings of peace, inspirational, joy gives you information. Also items could also remind you of people and receive fond memories of are indications. If you have a picture of a crabby old aunt, chances are it needs to replaced by possible a picture of the dog you love or people in your life that are important, or even a beautiful sunset or sunrise of a tropical place you visited.

Don’t keep things out of a sense of obligation or because they are familiar. The energetic manifestions of that subconscious feeling will snowball every time, and you’ll never know why you’re walking around so angry and bitter. If you don’t honestly it, let it go.

TIME FOR SELFSpiritual Habits that Fills Home

Sacred habits can be small, positive acts. This can be done with simple actions from lighting a candle to clearing the house. Ever time you light a candle, hold a positive intention or make a wish and imagine it happening in vivid detail. Before you eat, gather hand around the table to share that you are happy and grateful for and focus on the good that is in your life. While clearing your home, thank it for providing shelter and space for memories and visualize golden,healing light ensconcing it. Create space in your home that encourages reflection or areas to medicate, and make sure you actually use it for those purposed. A clean and organized house has a lighter feel to it. Cutter impedes the flow of spirituality and creates a dense and heavy environment that feels anxious and ungrounded. Whatever your personal choices are for creating a sacred atmosphere, a home where spirituality prevails feels pure, light, and welcoming because it is filled with love.

The interior decoration of your home is a personal expression of who you are and who you would like to be. This journey of enhancing your intimate space and also enhance yourself along the way. With reflection and deliberate choices for your surrounds that you actively participate in, you can strengthen your voice and your goals. A home with soul is a welcoming, healthy home that holds personal and idealized vision of perfection. It is a place without fear and can intrinsically help transmute the negatives that can hold you back Don’t underestimate the energetic matrix of your chosen surrounds and the importance of your role in creating a home that fearlessly expresses your soul.

TIME FOR SELFJoy and Inspiration Corner

“You are but not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more. To be more splendid. To be more extraordinary. To use every moment to fill yourself up.” — Oprah Winfrey –

“I have learned that success that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has over come while trying to succeed.” — Brooker T. Washington

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” — Maya Angelou 


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