TIME FOR SELFWhat is Your I AM? How Short-Term Massive Action Equals Long Term Maximum Results by Honoree Corder

I AM. Two of the most powerful words in the English language (or any language), for what you put after them shapes your reality.

I am awesome! I am fabulous! I am terrific! I am beautiful! I am capable!  

Do these statements resemble what you say when you talk to yourself? Or do these following examples sound more like you:

I am tired. I am bad at (insert something here). I am incapable. I am unable. I am a failure.

If you are saying things after your “I AM” that are dis-empowering to you, it’s time for an upgrade. I have heard people say, “I am not able to do that. I am always late. I am always out of time…” …and so on. Whoa! Stop the truck and back that sucker up!  

The only things you’re not able to do are the things you tell yourself you’re not able to do. Your self-talk is critical to your success. Either you speak to yourself in an empowering way, or you don’t. If you don’t, you’re doing yourself a major, colossal, avoidable disservice.

I’ve seen people start their first 100 days enthusiastically, charged up, and ready to go; however after few successes, missteps, and many challenges, they are ready to give up. When we dig just below the surface to find out what’s going on, it’s inevitably their self-talk that needs an overhaul. Their “I AM” statements are directing them down a specific path, and it’s not the path they want to be on.

If negative self-talk describes you to a “T”, I understand. There is a tendency to speak unkindly to ourselves, and it’s so prevalent I would consider it the norm in our society. The good news is you can easily correct how you speak to yourself, and it’s free! Smile.  

Perhaps you didn’t realize that every single time you say “I AM” in a sentence, you are simultaneously sending a direct order and a confirmation to your brain exactly how you truly feel about yourself and what you expect. You are actually sending a command to your subconscious mind and telling every cell of your body how to respond.

Here’s how to get the most out of your “I AM” statements. On your way to work or on the way to taking your kids to school, have everyone in the car say your “I AM” statements out loud and with as much enthusiasm as possible. “I AM” statement examples are as follows:

  • I AM brilliant
  • I AM loved
  • I AM kind
  • I AM generous
  • I AM enthusiastic
  • I AM happy

If you want something you don’t have, then add:

  • I AM finding new and perfect clients
  • I AM well-compensated
  • I AM excited about the opportunities that will show up for me today
  • I AM treated with respect

You can add “I AM” statements for every aspect of your business and personal life. Then, watch what happens. Not only are you raising your energy and vibration to a higher level, which will positively impact everyone around you, you will positively impact yourself and your results. This process will make you feel amazing. Trust me on this. Now stand back and watch the magic happen.

“Your words become your life. Choose each one of them wisely.”  — Honoree Corder

time for selfLet Life Love You: The Grace Factor to Opening the Door to Infinite Love by Alan Cohen

Grace is the recognition that fear is the liar. Behind the oppressive illusions that keep the world enslaved in despair, we are enfolded in well-being far beyond what our mortal minds can imagine.

To step into our true deserving, we must question and challenge the beliefs in lack and unworthiness we have been taught, and find reasons for our greater deservingness. We are always arguing for our limits or for our possibilities, and we always get more of what we are claiming. The universe is just as willing to deliver riches of all kinds as it is to deliver lack and problems. Actually, the universe is more ready to deliver abundance than lack, for abundance is our natural state. When we open to receive our good, we are in alignment with the will of our Higher Being, which is delighted to give us what we truly want and what it wants for us – which are one in the same.

Grow Your Basket

If you would like to expand your capacity to receive, here is a powerful visualization I use in my seminars. Participants report that this helps them in a big way to allow more good into their lives.

Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting in a chair with a bowl or basket on your lap. This receptacle can be made of wood, wicker, ceramics, glass, crystal, or any other material you like. In your vision, look up and visualize an infinite sky composed of a vast fountain of energy in the form of gold light. You are looking up at utter abundance.  

This golden energy represents something you wish to have more of in your life: money, a rewarding relationship, a passion-filled career, robust health — anything you deeply value and yearn for. Now choose one element of life you would like to expand your experience in.  

Imagine that the golden energy is pouring down on you like rain. As it flows down, you capture in your bowl or basket some of the energy or goals you desire. You are delighted to receive such substance of good. Meanwhile, notice there is much more substance pouring down around you than you are capturing in your container. 

In your mind, now, expand your container.  Push the edges of the bowl or basket outward by 25 percent. Now that your container is larger, you are receiving more of what your heart desires. Notice how good it feels toTIME FOR SELF receive more.  

When your container is full, expand it again so it grows even larger, to at least 50 percent more than its original size. You are capturing even more of your value substance. Notice how rewarding it feels to let more substance in!

When you are ready, expand your bowl one more time so it is twice its original size. Now your experience of prosperity is double what you started out with. What a wonderful feeling! Take some time to be with your expanded experience.  

Next, imagine that you can receive this light/energy/substance directly into your body. Visualize it flowing in through the top of your head, then cascading like a waterfall down through your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, hips, legs, and feet. You are the container for your good, and you are allowing yourself to be filled completely. Take as long as you like to enjoy the feeling of receiving abundant prosperity.

When you are ready, return your awareness to your waking state, richly expanded in your capacity to receive what you value.

TIME FOR SELFThe Six Power of Nice Principles by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval 

1) Positive impressions are like seeds. You plant them and forget about them, but underneath the surface, they are growing and expanding, often exponentially.  Every time you smile at a messenger, laugh at a coworker’s joke, thank an assistant or treat a stranger with graciousness and respect, you throw off positive energy. That energy makes an impression on the other person that, in turn, is passed along and imprinted on the myriad others you meet. Such imprints have a multiplier effect, and ultimately, those favorable impressions find their way back to you. The power of nice has a domino effect.  

  2) You never know. When we meet strangers on the street, we usually assume they aren’t important to us. We usually avoid contact with the person sitting next to us on the bus, plane, etc. We automatically assume that the thinking is this person has nothing to do with our life. 

Why do we assume? This person could be a family member of your boss, or a real estate person who knows of a home that you are looking for, or the head of a foundation that could give your fledgling charity the backing it desperately needs. The bottom line is, this person is an important person to many people. You have to treat everyone you meet as if they are the most important person in the world because they are — perhaps not at this moment, but what about tomorrow?

3) People change. One common mistake people make is assuming that you only have to be nice to your peers and their superiors. There’s no need to be nice to an assistant or receptionist, much less a security guard or a cleaning person. After all, they can’t do anything for you – they have no power. That may or may not be true – now. But you have no idea who might become quite important to you ten, twenty, or thirty years from now. 

4) Nice must be automatic. A friend recently told us the story of three consulting companies vying for a very large contract. They did a terrific presentation but it was unsuccessful. It turned out that when the prospective client arrived at the airport, an executive from one of the consulting firms neglected to help with her bags. He lost the contract right there. She was miffed at his rudeness and lack of manners and decided that she didn’t want to do business with them. Although their teamed had worked day and night to give the client a knockout presentation, and the entire account was lost over a suitcase.  

5) Negative impressions are like germs. Whenever you are aloof to someone who you think “doesn’t matter,” people unconsciously react to that. You might get a better table if you scream at a waitress for service, but we can assure you that your date will silently be saying, “Check, please.” Just as positive actions are like seeds, rude gestures and remarks are like germs – you may not see the impact they have on you for a while, but they are there, silently infecting you and everyone around you.  

Not spreading germs means being extremely conscientious about your environment and the people around you. Because even a simple misunderstanding can create a negative impression. Impressions are in the eye of the beholder, and one bad impression can infect everything else you do.

6) You will know. Even if you never see a person you have treated badly again, even if no one sees or knows of your rudeness or bad behavior, you will know. It will be in your mind and heart when you walk into a meeting and try to convince the people in the room that they should put their faith in you. Because you won’t believe in yourself, you could jeopardize the outcome of a meeting or relationship.

The power of nice is not about running around manically smiling and doing everyone’s bidding, all the while calculating what you’ll get in return. It’s not about being phony or manipulative. It’s about valuing niceness – in yourself and in others – the same way you respect intelligence, beauty or talent. Niceness is a powerful force. In fact, it can literally save your life.time for self For the next week, do five nice things that have no immediate payoff for you. Say “thank you” to others. Ask those you meet about their lives. Compliment a stranger. 

The Daily Joy Corner

“Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.”  —  Albert Camus 

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness.  If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.”  — Tich Nhat Hanh 

“Puttering is really a time to be alone, to dream and to get in touch with yourself.  To putter is to discover.”   Alexandra Stoddard 


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