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I was just listening to Matt Kahn on You Tube about, “The will of my heart is to be Open”.  Wow, listening to that presentation is a reminder, confirmation and awareness of when it is, when it is not and how to open your heart again.


We are always saying, “I want this to happen,” or “I don’t want this to happen.”   We are always co-creating positively or negatively.  In this instance, co-creating means to create a relationship between ourselves and spirit and to bring value.  When something happens that is negative, our goal as spirit is to keep our heart open.  If we say I will be happy when, it is conditional and if it doesn’t happen, we close our heart.


When we protect, shut down, turn away from a person or situation, we unconsciously close our heart which we become who we are not.  We are a spiritual being (heart open energy) having a human experience.  The survival of a human is protection of self, protection of heart that keeps us alive.  The problem is when we protect ourselves, we close down our heart and it feels on some level we are dying inside.  We think we are protecting or saving ourselves and if this were the case it should feel good and not painful, sad and lonely.  The opening of the heart is the willpower the heart has but humans can over- ride it.  When you close your heart you lock even your spirit out from being with you and speaking or reminding you about who you truly are as spirit.  You are not your thoughts, you are not your action, you are not your pain, or sadness that locks you out from your heart.   Your beliefs, training you received growing up, conditional acceptance, etc. will sometimes close your heart.


Throughout the day, your inner voice goes between ally and foe within you. You listen to it as truth but neither of these are who you are.  You have been conditioned to believe them as truth.

By placing one or both hand(s) on your heart and saying to your silently or out loud, “Inspite of my __________(fill in the blank – anger, sadness, frustration, person, situation) the will of my heart is to be open.”   Whatever that comes up throughout the day, stop briefly, get connected to who you are with the heart open and it doesn’t matter if something does or doesn’t happen, a negative feeling, thoughts, judgments, etc. the will of your heart remains open of all experiences from a spirit point of view and not dwelling from a human point of view quite so intensely.


This is the connection that most humans are missing in this busy, crazy, stressful world that is distracting us and our greatness of who we are here on earth.  Allowing and assisting our heart to be open, allows us to be more on our own path of purpose and passion and not following the collective consciousness at large.

The Yuen Method/Personal Transformation Sessions that I offer really focussed on an open heart and allow what wants to come through as well as who you truly are, a spirit can shine.  Book in to experience either an initial session or do some maintenance on your heart, just like a check up or a light that has lit up on your human dashboard.

Quotes From An Open Heart

When you live with an open heart, unexpected, joyful things happen.  – Oprah Winfrey –

An Open Heart is an Open Mind.

Allow things to come and go, keeping your heart as open as the Sky.

The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.  -Deepak Chopra –

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.   – Carlos Santana –

It’s such hard work keeping your heart closed.  – Sarah McCruin

Keep an open heart.  We are wired to find love.

Open heart see love everywhere.

What happens when people open their hearts?  “They get better.”  – Haruki Murakami –