If you feel there is little movement in your life or yourself, connect to flowers, blossoms on trees, etc. to receive confirmation, change is alive and well.  Things are always changing. Just like day to day, as the sun shines on them and they open up to expanding etc., you can do the same when you connect to that same energy.  It is a gift the universe is gifting the trees and flowers. When you hear the bees humming as they collect nectar and birds building nests and collecting food, they explore all that is coming alive.

I love when spring comes,  neighbours come out and connect with one another as they work on flowers, grass, and the garden. They are so happy to put their hands in the soil and check the daily progress of the plants reaching for the heat and light.

Let’s be as excited as the sun touches our face and take in the true essence of connection to the world and how it feels.  Free, effortless and of so powerful if only for a few min here or there. Connect to the heat and warmth going from outside of yourself to flowing inside of you.  See how it feels. Those small things, when you take time for self and connect, sit, feel, see and breathe is what I call meditation.

Some people say they struggle with meditation.  Be kind and gentle to yourself. That saying “a little goes a long ways” is true and allows us to let go of the day’s distractions that are calling you away from connection to your home.   Your home is here on earth and more important, your temple deep within you.

Small everyday reminders are always available at every turn – every moment of every day.  It doesn’t have to be 20-30 min. Just enough time to remind yourself and celebrate, change, change of a thought, perspective, feeling that brings you back to the now – the present.  The gift in a everyday moment!


The What If Game of Life

Play the game of “What If…” for a guided meditation.

Pick something, for example, like a leaf.  Imagine it becoming like a canoe, you are floating down a babbling brook or flying high in the air like on a magic carpet ride going on different adventures. Imagine the different adventures, insights, feelings, observations.   You don’t need to do anything other than imagine. In that state you get to experience, freedom lightness, excitement, or going above it all etc. Feelings are important because in the feelings we get to experience a whole new way of looking at things, the freedom from the humanness that is weighty.  This escape, if only for a few minutes, frees us from the entrapment of our mind that is controlling, creating stress, perhaps or anxiety.

As you sit with your morning tea or coffee and you see that beautiful butterfly or a blossom blowing off of a tree, go with it on an adventure.

Walt Disney brought his imagination to real life and this is a form of bring the lightness of our life to us again.  “If we dream it, we can achieve it.” What if that is all you have to do to experience freedom, peace, calm, connection, going from formless to form.  What if that information is carried to every tissue, cell, sub-cellular part of your being, then releases, fills you with all of those amazing feels and bring you back into balance in your body/mind/spirit.  It’s a gift you give to your body/mind/spirit. It’s time for self whether it is a few min or more.

People nowadays want to experience peace and feel good, what a better way to escape.  Its like watching a movie and escaping into Neverland and the amazing feeling you have after watching it.

Whether being a passenger in a vehicle, at coffee break, enjoying the sunshine, or going for a walk, become that duck swimming in the pond, the Blue Jay having a bird bath and flying , or bumble bee humming and collecting nectar.  

Happy trails to you.


Sometimes finding that quiet stillness within us is our highest and great aspiration …..

“In stillness lives wisdom.  In quiet you’ll find peace.  In solituide you’ll remember yourself.”  – Robin Sharma –

(be still)  The quieter you become, the more you can hear.  – Ram Dass – 

Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.

True illtelligence operates silently.  Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.   -Eckart Tolle