Be Happy With All Progress

Mini Habits:  Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise


Being happy with small progress is different from having low standards.  There’s a quote by Bruce Lee that sums it up:  “Be happy, but never satisfied.”  Bruce Lee did more with his limited lifetime of 32 years than two typical people do with 80 years each, so I listen to him.

In Derek Sivers” TED Talk, he showed a video of a man dancing in a field at an outdoor event.  The man looked a bit silly out there by himself, dancing wildly to the music.  After a few seconds of dancing, another person jointed him.  Then there were two.  After another several seconds, another person joined them.  And then another.  And when the group reached about 10 people, a giant crowd of people rushed in to join them.  Dozen of people were dancing wildly.  It was quite the spectacle!

And how did it start?  One man danced.

This concept shows exactly what mini habits can do for you.  The crowd of people who joined late are like your dormant dreams – sky and scared to take action.  They aren’t confident enough to dance in the spotlight.  That first man dancing is like your decision to take the first small step.  Then you notice, hey, I’m actually doing this right now.  That’s when your dormant dreams and passions rush in to encourage you.  You already have all the inspiration you need inside of you, but it may be dormant.  Awaken it with mini habits.

Mini habits are a pretty simple brain trick at the core, but also a life philosophy that values starting, letting action precede motivation, and believing that small steps can accumulate into giant leaps forward.  When you complete a mini habit, it means your mini man is dancing – cheer him on, because he’s starting your personal growth party!  Celebrate all progress.

Emotions Are Real

The Voice of Knowledge is not Real

The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz


Now the question is this:  What is the voice in your head telling you?  How many times has it told you, “God, I’m so stupid, how could I do that?  I will never learn!”  The voice of knowledge judges you, your perceive the judgement, and you have an emotional reaction.  You feel the shame; your feel the guilt.  The emotion is true, but what causes the emotion, which is the judgement that you are stupid, is not true; it’s a story.  Again, this is just action – reaction.  What is the action?  The action is the perception of your point of view, which means the perception of your own judgment.  What is the reaction?  Your feelings are the reaction, and you react to the lies with emotional poison.

Let’s see if we can understand this a little better.  Imagine that you have a dog.  As you know, the dog is just a dog, and it’s a perfect dog, isn’t it?  But what happens if you abuse the dog?  What if every time you see the dog, you kick the dog?  Very soon the dog will be afraid.  You can see the emotions coming from the dog.  It is angry; it might try to bite you or run away.  It here something wrong with the dog’s emotions?  Does the dog’s anger make the dog evil?  No, the dog’s reaction is just the result of being abused.  The emotion is he;ping the dog to defend itself.  It comes from the dog’s integrity.

Now imagine a dog living in the most beautiful environment with people who always love and respect the dog.  That dog is the sweetest animal in the whole world, the most wonderful dog.  Because that dog is not abused, he follows his nature; he loves everybody who loves him.  We, your physical body is just like that dog.  It reacts emotionally in the same way.  Why do you react with anger?  Well, because somebody kicked you, right?  But who kicked you?  The voice in your head, the main character of your story – what you believe you are.

Your also perceive your image of perfection, what you believe you are not, and this also creates an emotional reaction.  How do you feel when you cannot live up to that image.  The emotion is not pleasant, but your emotional reaction is real; it’s what you feel.  But is it true that you need to fit that image?  No, it’s a lie.  What you are perceiving is just a lie that you agreed to believe in.  You agreed, and that lie has become a part of your story.


Humans are victimized by knowledge, by what we know.  If we make a mistake in front of someone, we try to justify the mistake to protect the image we project.  Later, when we are alone, we remember what happened and we punish ourselves all over again.  Why?  Because the voice of knowledge keeps telling us what we did from the same pint of view that we had when we did it.  The voice becomes a powerful judge, and it’s telling us, “Look what you did!”  And it’s telling this to whom?  It was the voice that made us do it in the first place!

The voice of knowledge is abusing the emotional body.  What is not real is abusing what is real.  The action is to believe a lie; the reaction  is to feel emotional pain.  The emotional body perceives the voice, reacts to the voice, and just like a tiger, it attacks.  We lose control, and we do things and say things that we really don’t want to do or say.  Now the voice of knowledge is afraid of our emotional reaction; it judges our reaction, and makes us feel ashamed of our own feelings.


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Positive  Balancing Thoughts


How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.                            – A.A. Milne –

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.  –  Confucius –

Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.   – Augustine of Hippo –

Reality is whatever refuses to go away when I stop believing in it.  – Philip K. Dick –

When something seems to go wrong, it’s invariably part of a larger right – Jed McKenna –

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.  – Charles Gordy –