Remembering Who You Are


As spiritual beings having human experiences, we are on an important mission to learn and grow here on earth. 


Your mission if you decide to accept it is to get your PHD in such areas of kindness, understanding, being of service, compassion etc.

Most of us are familiar with the idea that we are not human beings having spiritual experiences; instead, we are spiritual beings having human experiences. We hear this and even though we may experience a resounding yes in our bodies, we may not take the time to really acknowledge the truth of these statements. Integrating this idea into how we view ourselves can broaden our sense of who we are and help us appreciate ourselves as brave spirits on an important mission to learn and grow here on earth especially during these chaotic times.

Around 300 million sperm are typically released during sex, but only about 200 sperm will reach the egg. This is still a pretty big number since we only need one sperm to fertilize an egg in which spiritual enters in this union. Not only do these sperm have to swim a great length to reach your egg, but there are also a number of “booby traps,” you so brilliantly maneuvered through.  Oh so many a battles to survive and win the experience of spiritual being having a human experience.   Congratulations!!!!!!!

As spiritual beings, we are visitors in this physical realm. The fact that we came here and lost all memory of what happened to us before we were born is one of the many reasons that it takes so much courage for a soul to incarnate on earth. This is why spiritual inquiry so often feels like a remembering — because it is. Remembering that we are spiritual beings is part of the work that we are here on earth to do. When we operate from a place of remembering, we tap into the wisdom that our spirit accumulated even before we stepped into this lifetime. Remembering who we are can give us opportunity to get an earth degree in patience to persevere when we become overwhelmed or frustrated. It can give us the courage to work through the most daunting challenges and help us trust the ancient wisdom we carry that is offered to us by our intuition.

We have chosen to be on earth because there is something we want to learn that can only happen by inhabiting a body. Some of us are here to repay a debt, learn about love, or teach forgiveness. The essence of being of service is a deep desire right to our very soul.  Most of us are here for a combination of reasons, we carry this information in our souls, and all we have to do is remember. As you go through your journey, try not to forget how brave you are, being here now. Honor yourself!

Spiritual Being Quotes

“When you realize there is no lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”  – Lao Tzu –

“just as a candle cannot burn without fire, Humans cannot live without spirit”

There is no other spiritual teacher than your own soul.  – Swami Vivekananda –

Follow your intuition it will always take you to the right destination  – Fearless Soul –

Go deep within, the innermost being of your soul, where a mere branch becomes a fragment of the self.

There is no other spiritual teach than your own soul.
– Swami Vivekananda –

“Don’t think spirituality means having a nice, quiet life – it means being on fire.  Sadhgahan

You don’t have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.
– C.S. Lewis –

You are a great, mighty and powerful spiritual being with dignity, direction and purpose.  – Dannion Brinkley –

“What is a friend?  A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
–  Aristotle –

Re-examine all you have been told.  Dismiss that which insults your soul.

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