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Akashic Records Reading

An Akashic Records Reading consists of opening the records of the soul and asking that the information be given to an individual. This will give them valuable guidance in moving through the patterns prevalent in your past, present, or future life. It will offer you opportunities for growth and support right now!

Topics that are commonly explored are relationships, big decisions, disempowering patterns and blocks, finances, career, creativity, health, and more.

The Akashic Records are infinite resources of information on your past lives, present life as well as possibilities for the future.  The word possibilities are important here as nothing is set in stone.  By uncovering blocks or traumas from a past or present life, the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones will always provide information, and techniques that can release and heal.

Accessing the Akashic Records provides an energetic transmission at the root level of consciousness that is uplifting, inspiring, and healing.  The Records activate a reconnection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, allowing you to become fully whole within your authenticity.

Format Your Questions

  1. Ask a question for and about yourself – not for others.  The reading is for you, not the object of your attention.
  2. Questions that elicit the most information are What, Why, and How questions.  There is no “time” as we know it in the Akashic Records.  This makes “When” question the lease powerful.
  3. If your problem is long-standing, I recommend writing down 5 to 7 questions about it and really clear it from many different angels.

Name Your Problem (Formatting Your Questions)

Try these or name your own:

Food, Money, Guilt, Anger, Fear, Shame, Insecurity, Boundaries, Denial, Addiction, Failure, Control, Perfectionism, Relationship, Career, Calling, Purpose etc.


How has this problem prevented me from _______________?

How has this problem helped me to ________________?

How is ___________________ possibility good for me?

What action can I take to bring healing to this situation?

How have I abandoned myself?  Why?  How can I stop abandoning myself?

What would happen if I allow myself to have a gentle, patient, and accepting attitude?

How is disappointment holding me back?

What is my greatest challenge/fear at this time?  What lesson am I to learn from this?TIME FOR SELF CONTACT


1-hour session available in-person, phone or Skype $100.


“Heather’s Akashic Records really helps bring understanding to the obvious and the deep thought patterns. Her analogies really help get the point across, and her combination of intuition and knowledge shine the light on the struggle and provide a solution.” VF

“Doing the Akashic Records with Heather helped clarify the problem I was facing, affirmed.”

All Time For Self therapies are not a substitute for any other medical care or consultation and offer no claims of treatment or cures. Always consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. 

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