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TIME FOR SELFThermal Palm Massage

By using heated packets, or “palms”, instead of hot stones to perform a massage, this powerful therapy relieves muscle tension, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia and reduces stress.

This cutting-edge technique is a soft alternative to Hot Stone Massage, however, these distinctly designed handheld heat “palms”, provide deep penetrating heat for a longer period of time. The “palms” mold to the contour of the skin, and have a smooth satin texture that feels natural against your bodies surface, allowing for a comfortable message over bones and joints.

A total of six thermal palms are used during this massage.


60 minute session — $75

PUNCH CARD – Thermal Palm Massage (60 min) Package of FIVE – $375, plus receive a 6th Thermal Palm Massage FREE


Combination Package:

Explore how you can receive more in-depth results through a combination of Time For Self therapies — ENTER HERE

All Time For Self therapies are not a substitute for any other medical care or consultation and offer no claims of treatment or cures. Always consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.