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Soul Transformation Therapy

Soul Transformation Therapy is a powerful, transformative identify and healing process to remove Life Blockages as well as blocks to your Soul Plan potential, affecting the here and now moment and blocking your full potential.

Are you experiencing a persistent issue or problem which despite all your efforts and all other therapies, motivational work either just will not go away or just keeps re-occurring?
Do you feel fed up, blocked, stuck, dissatisfied, lacking energy and motivation but just can not put your finger on why or what is at the root of the matter?

Do you know what you want from your life and are trying to achieve – but it is just not happening?

Many issues are deeper than our conscious level, they can be subconscious or even soul-level issues – this is the core of the matter and as such often hidden from our awareness. Soul Transformation discovers the core issue that is occurring and provides a range of healing interventions that work to heal at spiritual, emotional, body memory or even ancestral level and make major shifts.

What is Soul Transformation Therapy?

Using the power of soul plan energies the 22 Soul Transformation Guidance cards establish the challenging issue that is affecting you at this time, blocking your potential – through a polarity experience and a separation pattern.

Firstly we identify the relevant polarity (we are all affected by polarity challenges even if not in our soul plan chart) and then the specific challenge issue that is blocking a person from more fully connecting with their purpose and Soul Plan potential at any time.

The method then provides up to seven healing interventions to clear blockages that include the Soul Retrieval method, Soul Plan Trauma, Energy psychology / dynamic energy healing methods, and Soul Plan Archetype work.

Soul Transformation Therapy is not a substitute for any other medical care or consultation and offers no claims of treatment or cures. Soul Transformation Therapy may, or may not, facilitate the healing process. It is a supportive and integrative system, not a diagnostic method. Always consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. Soul Transformation Therapy is a non-invasive, non-touch technique.

The Soul Transformation Therapy is a 90 minute virtual over Zoom or in-person session.

Cost $130

Combo: One Soul Plan and Soul Transformation Therapy $250

Package: Two Soul Transformation Therapy Sessions $210

Package: Three Soul Transformation Therapy Sessions $300

All Time For Self therapies are not a substitute for any other medical care or consultation and offer no claims of treatment or cures. Always consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. 

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