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Yuen Method™/Personal Transformation

About Yuen Method™

This powerful holistic energy healing technique is the most popular service at Time For Self.

The Yuen Method™ is an effective, non-touchTIME FOR SELF intuitive healing that resolves trauma and phobias, as well creates balance within relationships. It was developed by Dr. Kam Yuen from Hong Kong. Dr. Yuen is a 35-generation Grandmaster in Shaolin Kung Fu.

The Yuen Method™ uses muscle testing, intuition, and energy work to shift energy quickly. This method also activates the lessening or shifting of physical pain, as well as thoughts of trauma disappearing, mind chatter reducing, and inner childhood emotions releasing. Clients experience feeling peaceful and calm. There is a possibility that other issues will surface, which may also be dealt with.

Energy Shifting

Once a person’s energy is shifted using the Yuen Method™ around the physical, mental, emotional, and psychological areas, as well as the psychic (which includes what the media, family, and friends tell us), the energy is also shifted to the spiritual part of us (believing first rather than seeing it). The body then becomes aligned, resulting in the body/mind/spirit becoming balanced, and ailments, negative thoughts, etc., literally dissolve.

Yuen Method™ Wellness is a non-invasive, non-touch technique.

TIME FOR SELFAbout Personal Transformation Life Coaching

If you have fear or resistance with success in any or every part of your life, Heather assists you in breaking those barriers through a variety of techniques inclusive of life coaching and hypnotherapy as well as through intuitive and psychic skills. This powerful process offers you guidance to move forward with confidence, thus allowing you to live life fully.

This combination of techniques may also assist in dealing with the inner critic, self-image, past traumas, phobias, memories of the past, fear of the future, and other related issues that are stopping you from moving forward.

These techniques gently, easily, and effortlessly shift the way you look at your present situation. Through awareness, you can reverse the negative effects and start to improve your life in a positive way.


Initial session – 2 1/2 – 3 hour session and 3 follow up calls — $199

Follow-up session – 1 hour — $90

*(available in person over the phone or Skype)

PUNCH CARD — Yuen Method™ / Personal Transformation (FOLLOW UP) / Access Bars or Akashic Record Reading and Polarity Therapy (60 min each) ANY COMBINATION — Package of any FIVE, plus receive the 6th one FREE

Special Packages:

A FREE INTUITIVE ASSESSMENT SESSION is available for first-time clients — ENTER HERE

OR — Explore how you can receive more in-depth results through a combination of Time For Self therapies — ENTER HERE

TIME FOR SELFTestimonial

“I was encouraged by multiple friends to visit Heather for many months before I booked my appointment. When I look back on my hesitation, I am not sure what I was waiting for. I was at a point in my life where I was searching for – something. A sign, a point in time, a marker of sorts that would signify a change. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I’m glad I left my “thoughts” at the door and allowed myself to feel.

“Amazing” is really the best description I have for the Yuen Method™ – a process by which you are guided through moments in your life that need special attention. Heather created a space full of warmth and security, so much so that I had no concept of time.

I found my signifier. I found my marker- that “point” that felt like it was important enough to create a new beginning. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Heather provides three follow-up phone calls to check in… and at first, I’ll admit, I was skeptical of their purpose. It all melted away after Heather checked in and provided an almost instant reset for the day.

I would encourage you – you who are reading this right now – to reach out to Heather and book a visit. Try anything that speaks to you – but give yourself this gift. You are worth it.” — MW

All Time For Self therapies are not a substitute for any other medical care or consultation and offer no claims of treatment or cures. Always consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment. 

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