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Time For Self April 2024

Springtime Awakening….Just Around The Corner

Think about the flowers and trees, how they awaken and come back to life in the spring. The gentle rains that gift and assist the process of spring to evolve. This in turns encourages hearts of humans to open,……

Time For Self March 2024

Powerful Spiritual Month of March….

Asking You to Release What No Longer Serves You &
Inviting New Opportunities to Show Up


As the winter frost begins to thaw and the first delicate buds emerge, March whispers of rebirth and transformation. It carries with……

Time for Self February 2024

HeartMath… Balancing The Heart and Brain.. The Valentine Vibe


 I thought with February being focused on Valentines Day, what better way to talk about connecting to our own intelligent heart, by using HeartMath.  How our powerful……

Time For Self November 2023

Being At Peace Within Yourself
 How can you find peace of mind?

Is it de-cluttering and finding stillness and calm in life, about acceptance and letting go or  behave with integrity every day, you can feel at peace with yourself.

Things will always change. Life will sometimes……

Time For Self October 2023

Using Head, Heart and Gut to Confirm Your Truth

Have you ever received the advice to follow your gut or listen to your heart? But how do you do that? Everyone experiences this for a good reason: we are a balance of different inner guides……

Time For Self August 2023

Summertime Changes Are Oh So Welcoming!

I revisited those summertime feeling free of being out of school for the summer.  By doing some mini stay vacations where you live if you can’t get away, gives instant freedom.

Last month was the first time my……

Time For Self July 2023



I connect with those feelings of freedom I had at the end of the school year every June even decades later.  The excitement and sadness play tug-a-war.  Since then I have learnt many things especially these simple rules particular.

4 simple rules to……

Time For Self June 2023

 Structured Water /Terahertz Technology Combo 
Would you like to experience it?
The combo of structured water with Terahertz technology is a power combination when used together to possibly assist individuals today.
Structured water is said to have very close similarities to pure and uncontaminated……

Time For Self May 2023

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Month Of May?
Discover the spiritual secrets of the month of May, where nature blooms and spiritual rebirth blossoms. Unlock a higher understanding of this enchanting time of the year, and find out how it influences your spiritual……

Time For Self March 2023

“Let’s Talk Head To Soul Detox”

How to detox the mind and body?

The Indian Head Massage and Detox Foot Bath combo is an amazing way to lighten the load that is put on our body. ……

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