I connect with those feelings of freedom I had at the end of the school year every June even decades later.  The excitement and sadness play tug-a-war.  Since then I have learnt many things especially these simple rules particular.

4 simple rules to experience great happiness and true freedom:

1. Be interested in who you are not.

Part of being truly happy and free is being interested in the mystery of all that we are not.
Becoming clearer about who we are not allow us and let go of the conditioning that doesn’t serve us. We come closer to touching our true essence, our absolute nature.
I’ve discovered pieces of who I am not at various stages of my life.
I had spiritual experiences and labeled myself a “spiritual person,” only to discover I cared a great deal more about what it means to be my best as a human.
When I wanted a passionate, purposeful vocation and wanted to be of service, I had “arrived,” yet overlooked the benefits of lifelong learning.
After learning a new modality, or taking a course, I’d take a short period of time to celebrate only to look forward to the next adventure I was going on to seek out more of who I truly am.  It’s about having a shift in perception and letting go of what we thought we were but no longer are.
It may encourage you to keep being interested in the exploration of you, to investigate the mystery of yourself, to get that urgency and listen.

2. Don’t take things too seriously.

Real happiness and freedom come when we remind ourselves to lighten up, to not take our reactions, feelings, desires, or thoughts that feel important so seriously.
Try not to hold onto any experiences for dear life, because it will change.
Every once in a while, laugh a little at yourself, at the funny workings of your mind, how silly they can become when you take things oh-too-seriously, and keep a sense of humor.

3. Be true to yourself.

Because we are constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly learning more about ourselves we are likely to change careers, interests, friends etc. We wear a hat, try it on, get a degree, a promotion, commit years, weeks and hours and then realize there is something else we want that feels more in alignment with who we really are.
Somewhere, somehow we were taught that life shouldn’t change, that no one really changes, that we are the same person now that we were as an infant. And in some sense this is true.  Truly you are just a speck in the ocean of awesomeness waiting for you to go on many adventures with it.
We came into this world without any of the conditioning we developed in the years to follow. We were pure—brought into this world with a certain DNA that had a purpose and the trick is to discover it.
The more we are true to ourselves, the closer we are to happiness and freedom.

4. Have the courage to live life fully.

What if you lived life fully? Engaged your dreams fully? Didn’t cheat it and just went for it?
What if you kept finding your edge? Stopped playing it safe and stretched a step beyond your comfort zone?
What if it didn’t matter what will happen later because you know that it will change?
Whatever comes into being will go out of being. Nothing in life is permanent. What we think we have will go away.
So, with this in mind, dive into this thing called life. Live freely and creatively. Reach for the stars and meet your dreams. Since everything is changing anyway, we truly have nothing to lose.

Freedom Quotes To Live By

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul – Moshe Dayan –

“Freedom gives you the power to fly.”

“Freedom is the power to say no.”

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”- Mahatma Gandhi-

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”  – Nelson Mandela-

Freedom is a state of mind

Responsibility is the price of freedom.  -Elbert Hubbard-

“Without freedom, there is no creation.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti-


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