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Time For Self September 2020

Break Down, Break Up and Break Through


In the past,  September was about getting settled in for the fall, school, groups, and courses.  The only problem, this September is how do we settle in when the external world isn’t settled.  I could even say by the external……

Time For Self August 2020

Truth-Seeking and Realigning Beliefs

Beliefs that keep you down, can change when you are ready to see more of your greatness!! Just because you believe something, does that make it true?  I’m talking about the ones that make you feel separated, isolated, not good enough,……

Time For Self June 2020

Resilience is knowing how to cope in spite of setbacks, barriers, or limited resources.  Resilience is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing and able, to overcome obstacles to get it.  It has to do with your emotional strength. 
Look to……

Time For Self Newsletter May 2020

To Know Yourself Is The Meaning Of Life

Asking oneself what are the dangers that come with a lack of self-knowledge?  And what in fact do we need to know about ourselves?  Simple but very deep regarding who you truly are regarding self-knowledge!

This knowledge is generally of……

Time For Self Newsletter April 2020

Being At Home In Muddy Waters

In our present days of uncertainty with the pandemic, it has reminded me of some important tools to bring forward.  This morning a thought came to me, reminding me of a book I read back in 2006 titled, “At Home in Muddy Waters”……

Time For Self Newsletter March 2020

Is Polarity Therapy like Reiki?

A great question that I get asked a lot is Reiki and Polarity Therapy the same.  I’ve heard the chocolate analogy:  I can tell you all about the ingredients, how it’s made and how it will taste but until you actually taste……

Time For Self February 2020

But truth be told, all the answers you seek actually lie within yourself. Yes, YOU and you alone have the power to unlock all of the answers you could … Keep your heart open and live with love, passion and a firm belief thats all …
Do you question yourself like,”……

Time For Self January 2020

Word of the Year Ideas for 2020

You might be feeling the need for a change, or wanting to improve on something in 2020?
Instead of writing a new year’s resolution,  another great way to go into a brand, spanking new year is to have a focus word instead. ……

Time For Self Newsletter December 2019

Some people rate Christmas as
being more stressful than divorce.

Christmas can be a very stressful time of year.  For many the Christmas holiday period is a mass of complex social interactions with family or relatives, some of whom you may rather not see.

There could……

Time For Self Newsletter November 2019

New Month New Service
Polarity therapy is an alternative therapy that involves balancing the flow of energy in the body to improve or maintain health.  Polarity therapy is also known as polarity balancing and polarity energy balancing.
According to practitioners of polarity therapy, illness is caused by disruptions in……