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Time for Self February 2021


As I have sat in this gooey energy of life for almost 1 year, I sometimes have a visual of what a caterpillar must go……

Time For Self January 2021

think outside the box

What Will 2021 Bring to You After 2020 a year of Chaos
People assign a special kind of importance to each new year, putting off decisions and resolutions until that very day. Obviously, the 1st of January won’t be very different from say, the 28th……

Time for Self Newsletter December 2020

Give Yourself The Gift Of
Self-Kindness For The Holidays

The holidays can take a toll on us if we neglect our own needs. It’s easy to get lost in focusing on other people and events, and trying to check all the……

Time For Self November 2020

What Do I vote, support, or stand for regarding my wellness?


Just as there is a lot of ups and downs of who you support with different political parties and what they are for, there’s even a greater decision we now have to vote, support, or stand for……

Time For Self October 2020

An Alternative to Boosting Your Immune
System During Cold and Flu Season
The Raindrop Technique is an amazing alternative way to assist your immune system in an easy and relaxed manner.

If you are looking for a natural alternative source—especially one that supports the body’s immune……

Time For Self September 2020

Break Down, Break Up and Break Through


In the past,  September was about getting settled in for the fall, school, groups, and courses.  The only problem, this September is how do we settle in when the external world isn’t settled.  I could even say by the……

Time For Self August 2020

Truth-Seeking and Realigning Beliefs

Beliefs that keep you down, can change when you are ready to see more of your greatness!! Just because you believe something, does that make it true?  I’m talking about the ones that make you feel separated, isolated, not good……

Time For Self June 2020

Resilience is knowing how to cope in spite of setbacks, barriers, or limited resources.  Resilience is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing and able, to overcome obstacles to get it.  It has to do with your emotional strength. 

Time For Self Newsletter May 2020

To Know Yourself Is The Meaning Of Life

Asking oneself what are the dangers that come with a lack of self-knowledge?  And what in fact do we need to know about ourselves?  Simple but very deep regarding who you truly are regarding self-knowledge!

This knowledge is generally……

Time For Self Newsletter April 2020

Being At Home In Muddy Waters

In our present days of uncertainty with the pandemic, it has reminded me of some important tools to bring forward.  This morning a thought came to me, reminding me of a book I read back in 2006 titled, “At Home in Muddy……