Worthy:  Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth

by Nancy Levin

Self-worth is a dynamic of emotional and mental health that is sadly neglected.

After all, unless you value yourself, you won’t have the motivation to exercise, get enough sleep, eat healthfully, and care for yourself.  Many of us have suffered from traumatic experiences that have shattered our sense of safety, self-worth, and inner peace.  Unless we learn to value ourselves, we won’t ask for what we need, and we won’t accept help when it’s offered.  Those who’ve been traumatized often view other people as more deserving.

People give away their time, money, love, and help those who only take and never return anything.  Being generous is an admirable trait, but only if it is balanced with being generous toward your own self.  And when you value yourself, you become more discerning about whom you give your time and love to.

Giving and receiving are equally important and necessary.  We must inhale and exhale in order to live.  The same is true with our finances as well.

Many people on the spiritual path have difficulty facing their finances because money is viewed as materialistic, shallow, and low-vibrating.  Well, money can be those things when used in the service of the ego.

Money is a metaphor for abundance and feeling like you have enough in life.  I’ve met plenty of wealthy people who are still financially insecure.  It’s not how much you have, but feeling like you have enough, that matters the most.

When we claim our worthiness and start valuing our time, finances, and happiness, then we are open to receiving abundance in all forms.  We realize that it’s safe to have free time, fun, love, and all the other pleasures of life.  We no longer apologize for our success, and we let our lights shine brightly to inspire others.

Money.  We love it.  We hate it.  We want more of it.  We wish we didn’t need it.  For many of us, it’s a constant source of anxiety …. and arguments with our loved ones.  If we don’t have much money, we’re struggling to get more.  If we do have money, we’re struggling to figure out how to keep it.   And then, how to manage it.

Until we truly feel worthy – deep inside – of the great life we desire, we won’t feel worthy of money on the outside.  When we don’t feel worthy on the inside, we develop patterns that prevent us from having the money we want and need.  For example, even if we get ourselves out of debt …. we just build more debt.  Why would anybody do that?  Well, they wouldn’t do it on purpose.  But these kinds of patterns are tenacious because they’re created by unconscious feeling and negative beliefs that took hold in childhood.

Meet Your Soul

by Elisa Romeo

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  – Mark Twain –

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about the Soul.  For many, it’s purely a concept – the perfect topic for a heady metaphysical debate, in which we philosophize whether we do or don’t have one.”

For others, Soul is a quality.  A stanza a poetry, a meaningful moment, or an expressive piece of music may activate feelings of depth and reverence, and an element of the sacred; this may then be described as particularly “soulful.”

Yet your Soul is not a concept or a fleeting emotion.  Your Soul is a part of yourself.  She is your unique representative in the universe, which longs to be in relationship to you.

The challenge to understanding the Soul is that it is not met through interpretation, analysis, and understanding from the head.  The Soul is only discovered through direct experience, feeling, and embodiment.  In other words, we need to meet the Soul to know the Soul.

But why does it matter if we know our Souls?

In short, it is because your Soul is the oldest, wisest, and always-loving part of yourself, and She has access to incredible knowledge.  Your Soul knows why you came to the planet, what lessons you most need to learn, and how to perfectly navigate and heal the challenges in your life.

She is the root of your consciousness.  Your Soul nudges you toward your fullness, releases your from limiting beliefs, and challenges you where you withhold Love.

Your Soul is Love.  Yet Love from the Soul is not always gentle; at times it can leave you incredibly humbled.  The Soul is fiercely real, direct, and incredibly honest about issues you would rather look away from.

When you live on purpose, you live a Soul-oriented life.  You live your authentic Truth and grow toward your biggest potential.

When you are disconnected from your Soul, you are lost at sea, susceptible to the opinions and agendas of those around you.  Life becomes a task to achieve, tolerate, and survive, instead of an opportunity to express your deepest heart and wildest joy.


Heather Young, owner of Time for Self
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Certified Personal Transformation Coach / Alternative and Energetic Medicines

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