What Your Cravings Are Telling You

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food cravings There’s no way to figure out exactly why you want to eat a particular food at a particular time.  But some food cravings can hint at nutritional deficiencies or other health issues.

While food cravings aren’t the best diagnostic tools on their own, listening to what you crave – and putting those cravings into context can help you give your body what it really needs.  Consider these triggers the next time you have food cravings.


  1. Your getting your period, you’re pregnant, or you’re having a bad day.  If you have heard about raging hormones  and special chemicals that improve your mood.
  2. You’re on a diet that’s too restrictive,  Cravings can be the result of our intent to stay away from things that are pleasant and pleasurable to eat.  When you’re hungry from restricting calories, your body registers chocolate.



  1. You’re pre-diabetic
  2. You’re getting or having your period.  Any changes in hormone levels can increase sugar cravings.
  3. You’re OD-ing on processed carbs.  Oftentimes candy craving are related to what you ate at your last meal:  White bread, white rice, and pasta contain simple cars that spike your blood sugar for instant boost of energy that lands you in a lazy slump and leaves you searching for your next sugar fix.
  4. You’re stressed.  Sugar activates your brain’s reward center.  In nail-biting situations, you might subconsciously crave candy (or doughnuts or cake) for some sweet relief.

Carbs Like Bread and Pasta

  1. You’re actually craving sugar (see Candy above)  Once a starchy food gets past the back of your tongue, your body treats it the same way as sugary sweets.”  You might reach for a bagel or a bowl of pasta before dipping into your candy stash because eating foods feels more socially acceptable than eating sweet.

Ice Cream

  1. You may have heartburn or acid reflux.  Creamy dairy foods tend to be soothing
  2. You might be taking too many OTC pain relievers.   These can cause low-grade inflammation in the stomach.  An ice cream craving could be your body’s way of expressing irritation – and a sign it needs a break.
  3. You’re tired.  Ice cream (like milk and yogurt) contains natural milk sugars that can give you a quick boost or energy.

Salty Foods Like Chips and Pretzels

  1. You’re dehydrated. Thirst is often masked as hunger.  So a craving for salt, which helps your body retain water, could mean you aren’t drinking enough or you are losing water (through sweating, diarrhea, or vomiting)faster than you’re ingesting it.
  2. You’re stressed.   Many salty foods – like chips, crackers, and pretzel – are crunchy.  Eating crunch foods canhelp relieve stress,
  3. You’ve been eating mostly soft foods.  Many salty foods – like chips, crackers, and pretzels – are crunchy.  When your diet consists of mostly mushy studd – like smoothies, soups and yogurts – your salivary glands and the muscles in your jaw get (understandably) bored.  After a day or two, they need a little stimulation – so a crunchy craving is born.

Meat Like Steaks and Burgers

  1. You’re not eating enough protein.  People who resistance or weight training eat enough protein.  Eat one gram for every pound you weight or your ideal weight.
  2. You have a chronic iron or vit. B deficiency.

French Fries and Other Fried Foods

  1. You’re sleep-deprived.  Because lack of sleep leaves you low on energy and food provides energy to fuel your every move, it’s easy to confuse exhaustion and hungry.  It’s better to indulge in foods prepared with healthy fats rather than frying oils.


  1. You’re actually craving sugar.  You might think of cheese as a potent source of fat and protein.  But your brain knows better:  Cheese also contains natural milk sugar (see Candy)
  2. You’re not getting enough calcium or vitamin D.  Sunlight produces Vit D which we all need, so you might mean you crave a grilled cheese sandwich during cold seasons etc.
  3. You don’t eat enough fat.  Cheese is a good source of this essential nutrient – and it’s only natural to gravitate toward the gooiest and most delicious source.

Any Other Super-Specific Food

  1. You’re reacting to a sensory cue or an emotional trigger.
  2. You’re denying yourself that food.  Obviously cutting specific foods out of your diet makes you want that food even more.  It’s why you should allow yourself at least a little bit of every food you love.

Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we began thinking about the many different things our staff and clients may be thankful for.  Below are just some of the things we could help us feel gracious of:

 Time Spent With Loved Ones

With busy lives and chaotic schedules, it can be hard to set time aside to truly connect and embrace time spent with your loved ones.  This Thanksgiving, gather your friends and family and remind them how valued and appreciated they are.  Share stories, share laughs, and share the gift of time – there’s no better present.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.  It turns what we have into enough, and more.  It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, and confusion to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend” – Melody Beattie.

Relaxing Sunday Afternoons

The weekend isn’t quite over, you’ve got all day to lay around in your pajamas, maybe take a nap, try that new restaurant around the block, watch movies with you family, go for a walk, or cuddle with your pet.  Relaxing Sundays are always good for the soul, and they definitely deserve some recognition for being so great.

Your Friendly Neighbours

Thanksgiving is also a great time to say “thank you” or to show appreciation for your kind neighbors.  Bake some cookies,write a short note, or simply share a hug to show those in your community that you care and are there for them.  Good neighbors are always great  to have!  You may become really close friends over time!

A warm Cup Of Coffee

Mmmmmm you’ve just poured that delicious cup of coffee, and you wait a few minutes to take your first sip – the temperature has to be just right.  You life your favorite mug to your lips, and your taste buds rejoice!  Being thankful for the small things is just as important as being thankful for the big things.

Locally Grown Food

Many of us take for granted our ability to purchase delicious, health, and locally grown vegetables and fruit – right in our own communities.  Juicy tomatoes, corn on the cob, and delicious apples.  Buy locally and support the farmers who work so hard to raise their crops.

Sharing A Good Book

There’s nothing like sitting down in a comfy spot to enjoy a few hours with a good book.  Reading helps us to de-stress, unwind , and to escape into another world.  Good books can be hard to find, as each person has different preferences and interests, but when you do find a good book, be sure to recommend it to a friend.  It may impact their life too.

Cozy Blankets

You might not think to be thankful for cozy blankets, but as the temperature drops, and you’re racing into your home after a long day at work, we can guarantee a cozy blanket is just what you need.  Whether your blanket is wool, cashmere, cotton, or fluffy, wrap it around yourself and take a few moments to breathe, relax, snuggle in, and count your blessings.

Live Music

Music is always better LIVE.  Take a moment to appreciate your favorite genre, artists, and those songs that have stuck with you for years.  If you get the change, secure some tickets to a live concert or attend a local music festival.  If you play an instrument yourself, take advantage and play a few tunes for your friends to enjoy.  Sweet Caroline anyone?

Great Co-workers

Having really great co-workers is something that is often taken for granted.  This Thanksgiving, be sure to show some appreciation for those who make your workday better – by helping you with tasks, eating lunch with you, and checking in to see how you’re doing.  If you have a great boss, be sure to show them some love too.  Gratefulness goes a long way in reminding people they’re valued and are doing a great job.

Canadian Citizenship

It’s great to be Canadian.  While counting your many blessings, don’t forget how fortunate you are to live in such a beautiful, safe, diverse, and innovative country.  As Canadians, we have access to stunning mountains, lakes, rivers, trails, parks and spirit.  Not all individuals are as lucky as you to have been given the opportunity to succeed in this great nation.  Embrace your ability to lead and continue the great strides Canada is taking.

Traditional Holiday Recipes

Last but not least, be thankful for those delicious, traditional, and ancient recipes for pies, cakes, and other desserts.  Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without food – and without the passing down  of those secret and perfected recipes, you likely wouldn’t hve many of the special traditions you’re able to enjoy this time of the year.  Now pass the pumpkin pie will ya!

Positive Reminders

Wisdom begins in wonder.   – Socrates –

The soul’s joy lies in doing.  – Percy Bysshe Shelley – 

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.  -Victor Hugo – 

This moment contains all moments.  -C.S. Lewis –