An Alternative to Boosting Your Immune

System During Cold and Flu Season

The Raindrop Technique is an amazing alternative way to assist your immune system in an easy and relaxed manner.

If you are looking for a natural alternative source—especially one that supports the body’s immune systemand is open to the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, consider The Raindrop Technique. My clients over the last 15 years have experienced incredible results.

The techniques, created by Young Living co-founder Gary Young, originate from Tibetan medicine and Native American practices. This is truly an eclectic integration of modalities.

What Is The Raindrop Technique?
Taking about an hour, a series of therapeutic-grade essential oils, which help bolster the immune system, various essential oils are dropped from  6-8 inches away from the body onto the skin—like raindrops, hence the name—and massaged along the spine, over the back as well as inside lower legs(in reference to the intestinal area) and also onto the bottoms of the feet. After each particular oil is dropped, the essential oil is massaged into the skin in a very specific fashion.

Once all of the oils have been applied to the spine, then hot moist towels are placed on the client’s spine.  While the oils with the help of the moist towels assist oils to move into the bloodstream and start working, 4 of the nine oils will be used on the lower legs and arch of each foot., or the client can sit up and turn over and lay on top of a warm moist towel.

Many clients who specifically come for Raindrop Technique sessions are often looking to release something or to rejuvenate and build themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

What Essential Oils Are Used?
The essential oils used are immune-enhancing and support the body’s natural defenses, as well as the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous, and other body systems. Because of the similarities in human and plant biochemical structures, the oils efficiently deliver their benefits to humans on a cellular level. In addition, their scents connect with us through direct access to the emotional center of our brain via the limbic system.
Below are the essential oils and blends used in the technique, in a combination with massage oil.

  • Thyme: May be beneficial for overcoming fatigue and exhaustion.
  •  Basil: Has a fresh, herbaceous aroma that can be calming and refreshing.
  • Peppermint: Invigorates the mind and senses while inspiring a sense of peace.
  • Oregano: Supports the body as it protects against toxins and fungal infections.
  • Wintergreen: Wintergreen’s refreshing minty aroma is stimulating and invigorating.
  • Cypress: Can promote a sense of security and grounding.
  • Marjoram: Supports the reduction of pain associated with colds, fevers, inflammation, overexertion of muscles, and more.
  • Valor: A relaxing, grounding, and uplifting blend of Black Spruce, Camphor, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and Geranium.
  • Aroma Siez: A soothing and relaxing blend of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, and Cypress.

These oils stay in your bloodstream to continue to work to build your immune system and fight against cold and flu for approx 14 to 21 days


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Immunity-Boosting  Quotes

Every act of kindness on your part is a boost to your own immune system – Marianne Williamson –

One minute of anger weakens the immune system for 4 – 5 hours.  One minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours.
The mind, in addition to medicine, has powers to turn the immune system around.  – Jonas Salk –

The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says.  Negativity brings down your immune system.

Life is like a virus, if you don’t have faith and hope, you will lose your immunity to that virus.  – Laske –

As you begin to heal the inner you, you alter your immune system.  – Wayne Dyer –

Happiness is the best immune booster  – Zarrine Flores –

Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety, and strengthens the immune system.

“The best immune system is in the body.  Not in the lab.”  – Dr. C.S. Gonstead –

The true warrior isn’t immune to fear.  She fights in spite of it.   – Francesca Lia Block –