My Change Will Be Permanent

and I Will Never Have To Worry Again!

Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith

The Great Western Disease is “I’ll be happy when ….”  This is our belief that happiness is a static and finite goal, within our grasp when we get that promotion, or buy that house, or find that mate, or whatever.  It’s inculcated in us by the most popular story line in contemporary life:  there is a person; the person spends money on a product or service; the person is eternally happy.  This is called a TV commercial.  The average American spends 140,000 hours watching TV commercials.  Some brainwashing is inevitable.  Is it any wonder that we can casually assume that any positive change we make will change us forever?  It’s the same with behavioral change.  We set a goals and mistakenly believe that in achieving that goal we will be happy – and that we will never regress.  This belief triggers a false sense of permanence.

If only this were true.  Research as shown that if we don’t follow up, our positive change doesn’t last.  It’s the difference between, say getting in shape and staying in shape – hitting our physical conditioning goal and maintaining them.  Even when we get there, we cannot stay there without commitment and discipline.  We have to keep going to the gym – forever.

Fairy tales end with “and they lived happily ever after.”  That is why they are called fairy tales, not documentaries.

To Know Oneself

A Path to Wisdom by Tony Jeton Selimi

Surely there has to be more to our being, our experience, our existence.  It is the quest that you, I and humanity have had since its existence.  What is this all about?  Why am I being pulled into this search for myself?

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you know that inside of you a spiritual alarm clock is going off that no matter how many times you put it on snooze it keeps ringing to tell you that you can no longer ignore the voice that comes from the depth of your being.

The problem is that at some point in hour life you made a decision (consciously/subconsciously) to ignore it, you stopped hearing it, believing in it, trusting it, and listening to it – your soul’s true voice

So how do you go about shutting down the noise that stops you from listening to your true voice that knows?

You can no longer use your outer world as an excuse for not doing, for not loving, and for not trying to find solutions to the problems in life that force you to live your life on snooze.

They say that there is no better moment than the present moment that creates both your past and your future.  It is truly time for you to acquire wisdom that comes from looking within and from knowing yourself at a deeper level

As you start looking within, you start to be more aware of your body and what happening on all levels.  The more you tune in and listen to what is happening inside of you, the more you become aware of who you are as a consciousness with infinite innate abilities to create, protect, adapt, learn, change, heal, and love.

The moment you decide to recognize and accept that you have been given God-given gift since birth is the moment you all this gift to unleash the power you have to change your circumstances, habits, choices, actions, and ultimately your life.  This is the very moment you start being the change you want to see in the world.

As you do so, you raise your vibration.  You start loving yourself and others.  You inspire others by become more aware of your own values as well as those of others.

As you uncover your many layers, you discover a lot about who you are.  You get to know your faults, limits, and the many parts of your personality that you have disowned.  Fear not, you also learn everything you love about you.  As you let go of the illusion that you are only one side of the coin, you create acceptance of self and others around you.  You start to experience inner joy, love and an inner peace from which you can truly list to the voice that knows.

Positive  Balancing Thoughts


Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.  – Reverend Jesse Jackson

Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable  – Franz Kafka

Wisdom begins in wonder.   Socrates

A kind word is never thrown away.  – Sir Arthur Helps –

I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 way that won’t work.   – Thomas Edison –

What you think is the point is not the point at all but only the beginning of the sharpness.  – Flann O’Brien



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