A Way to Shift into Fall

Aaron Burden (Photo)

I find as the years go by, it is harder and harder to let go of summer and fall.

Bitter sweet is what all my senses are experiencing right now as fall is fast approaching.   All the transformation of fresh crisp air forcing leaves to change colors combined with alluring scents what autumn brings.  As the soil is preparing for winter, we celebrate the abundance the gardens have gifted all of us.

Thoughts stir within inside me as the fall, especially this year is already knocking on my internal door, reminding me to prepare for colder temperatures and reminding me of  past experiences of spending more time  inside.  I always find that when September rolls around there is something within me that gets my internal clock ticking again around urgency.   Thoughts like settling into the year once again, like when I was a child, even the anxiousness / excitement and longing to learn something different.  So many messages as I watch my own thoughts passing by like ticker tape of stock market reporting at the bottom of a TV screen.

Neal Kharawala (photo)

During my Yuen Method/ Personal Transformation session I offer to clients, I love going with them as I guide them on the journey of connecting to a big beautiful tree that transforms in front of them.   All the color, shape and size of leaves throughout the different seasons and finally connect to that tree as it stands bear and has released all of it’s leaves.  Amazing how the tree’s wisdom, knows it will receive new ones and even more next year.  Every time,  that moment know that I can let go, of people, relationships, events and now update my consciousness to include fall.   Knowing that by letting go, and trusting it will return like the sunrise and sunsets, they return like clock work of our universe.

By refocusing on what fall offers that I can fully receive and let go of fall gracefully, I can fully embrace all of what each

season can offer now.  I love sitting in stillness and getting guidance on changing my perspective and getting different results.  As nature Fallingprepares for fall, I to can physically, mentally and emotional prepare as well.


Jeremy Thomas (photo)

“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.”

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Unknown –

“And all at once,summer collapsed into fall.”  – Oscar Wilde –

Hello September… Thank you for the reminder that change can be beautiful!!!!

By going out into nature, you will get confirmation that not all classrooms have four walls …….